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At Randall Law our practice areas include Employment Law, Civil Litigation, Immigration & Nationality Law, Business Law, Family Law and Criminal Law. Our experience also includes Bankruptcy, Probate, Wills & Trust and Landlord Tenant Disputes. No matter your legal need, we’re here to help.

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We strive to think of the best solutions for your legal challenge. At Randall Law we put our solution-focused, highly-skilled legal thinking to advocate for you.

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At Randall Law, you are our priority. We know our clients by their first name. You will have direct access to our legal team.

“Mr. Randall represented me in a prolonged case with professionalism and deep knowledge of the issues at hand. He was responsive to my questions, he always provided options. I would recommend him and his firm to anyone I know.”
Andrew Leader
Great for Even the Most Basic Questions.

“As a well-educated professional, I was fairly sure I didn’t need a lawyer when I left my job, but I still had some lingering questions and contacted Randall’s office for a 1-hour consult. When the meeting was over, I left feeling as though my conversation with Mr. Randall was worth every penny. He answered every question I had (and many I hadn’t even considered), exploring every possible outcome with me and offering to walk me through writing a letter to my former employer. He treated me with respect; there was never a moment when I felt he wasn’t on my side, ready to advocate for me at any time. It was easy to follow up with him later via email, too, which was convenient. Mr. Randall and his office gave me the confidence to move on from the job and career I was leaving with the knowledge that I’d done so professionally and fairly.”

Great Resource.

“We used Mr. Randall for consultation use. He was friendly, appeared very knowledgeable and was extremely helpful to me. He spent time listen to me and asked a lot of pertinent questions and then gave me options . I am considering starting legal actions and will be using him if I chose that route. He was not high pressure to “sign up” for his services, truly left it up to me to decide what to do and when if I decide to use his services. Very comfortable with our meetings.”

Excellent Representation

“I would recommend this attorney for any labor and employment related issues you are currently having. He was very responsive and listened to what I had to say. He expressed my concerns and demands exactly as they were which resulted in a positive out come.”

Employment Contract Concerns

“I met and ultimately hired Samuel Randall to provide counsel regarding an employment contract that I wished to terminate (for personal reasons) prior to its expiration date. From the start, Mr. Randall was knowledgeable, honest and straight-forward regarding legal options and possible consequences. Following reception of an initial demand letter, Mr. Randall handled all legal correspondence and kept me in the loop during the entire process. I felt he was fighting for me and in my corner throughout. Most impressive was a brilliant strategy devised by Mr. Randall that quickly ended our impending case and produced an outcome that was acceptable to me and my family. I would without hesitation recommend Samuel Randall for his expertise in Arizona contract/employment law.”

Professional, “Out of the Box” Thinker, a True Advocate for You

“I hired Samuel Randall after being wrongfully terminated from my job without severance. I’d been the victim of workplace harassment and retaliation. During my first consultation, Samuel listened intently, took spurious notes, and outlined the case he thought would be the best course of action. He came up with a strategy that I never would have even considered. After two months, not only did he reach a settlement with my former employer, but it was for MORE than I would have accepted. Throughout the process, Sam kept me appraised of every development. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Sam is professional, responsive, and capable.”

Employment Client
Very Professional, Hardworking and Knowledgeable

“Sam was able to cut through the complexity and politically charged nature of my case to arrive at a successful outcome. He worked with me and allowed me to provide ample input, yet navigated through the legal realities of the situation (legal realities that I was unaware of). His knowledge and experience preserved my appeal rights, if the case went that route, and he provided the right balance of aggressiveness that was needed in my case. Sam, his colleagues, and their staff were always pleasant, helpful, and professional. They were always clear and up-front about my case, fees, and the amount of work it would take. I highly recommend Sam Randall.”




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